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Terms & Conditions

1. CWS facilitates the booking of a sterilisation slot with a vet. CWS does not represent nor act for any veterinary clinic on the panel nor any Caregiver.
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2. All cats shall have their ears tipped to the same standard length of between 8mm and 10mm. No exceptions shall be allowed.
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3. All cats shall be microchipped and registered under the Caregiver’s name. No exceptions shall be allowed.
Trapping, transport, boarding and other medical costs shall be borne by the Caregiver and not CWS unless a different agreement prevails.
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4. The vets are only required to conduct sterilisations and no other medical procedure on the cat, including general check-ups prior to sterilisation. All surgical procedures carry an inherent risk and the caregiver accepts that on occasion, infections, sickness and even death, may occur despite the good faith of the clinic or hospital involved. The above risks may be greater for community cats who are outside of their normal environment and contained in carriers.
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5. Caregivers shall fast the cat(s) that will be undergoing sterilisation of food and water from the night before the surgery.
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6. Caregivers shall be punctual in sending in the cat and picking it up from their appointed clinic.
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7. Caregivers shall inform clinics and our volunteers of cancellations as soon as possible. Three repeated failures to do so will result in the Caregiver being barred from using CWS’ services.
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8. Caregivers shall ensure that male cats are boarded for a minimum of 2 days after their surgery (provided that there were no complications) and female cats for a minimum of 3 days (longer at a minimum of 5 days if there were complications such as pyometra) prior to release.
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9. Caregivers shall bring the cat back to the clinic at which the sterilisation was conducted in cases of post-operation complications and bear all the relevant costs of the same. CWS shall be kept updated on the status of the case.
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10. In the event that the Caregiver is aggrieved about services provided by a vet, the Caregiver shall inform CWS of the same and allow time for CWS to conduct an investigation. The Caregiver is encouraged to deal with such matters directly with the vet. Any doxing or harassment will be referred to the relevant authorities by the vet clinic or CWS as the case may require.
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11. CWS will exercise its right to refuse services to any Caregiver who is verbally abusive, lies or is otherwise disruptive to our volunteers or vet clinics.
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Please confirm that the cats you are sending in are community cats.
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Please note kittens need to be minimum 5 months old, 2kg in weight and 30cm in length


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There is a limited number of sterilisation slots that we are able to support per month. An allocation is not guaranteed for every submission we receive.

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