In memory of Michael Houghtby

In memory of Michael Houghtby

A loving & faithful husband, awesome father and animal-lover.

Working with the Cat Welfare Society, we often have the honour of meeting some really wonderful people. Katherine and Mike are two such good souls we got to know through Facebook who have been supporting the Cat Welfare Society since. Veron had a chance to meet Mike in person earlier this year when he donated cat supplies from the States. And again recently at our adoption drive at NEX.

It was with shock that we learnt that he passed away on 5 November 2011.

Our deepest condolences to Katherine and the rest of the Houghtby family. We are deeply grateful that Katherine has asked Mike’s colleagues and work partners at APL/NOL to donate to the Cat Welfare Society in memory of him.

Their donation has helped us kickstart Project 500.

His loving spirit lives on.

Niko the Houghtby family cat

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