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Please submit your booking for sterilisation through this form if you are facing financial difficulties and unable to sterilise your pet cat. Please note that the cats will have their ears tipped, be microchipped and registered to the details below.

Please note kittens need to be minimum 5 months old, 2kg in weight and 30cm in length. All cats must not be experiencing any medical issue like vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, seizures, etc within the last 20 days.

Only complete booking forms will be processed by our team of volunteers within 5 working days.

We reserve the right to decline to facilitate bookings for caregivers who are abusive toward our volunteers/staff and/or the clinic staff.

Please confirm that the cats you are sending in are your pet cats.

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Number of sterilisation slots
Please note kittens need to be minimum 5 months old, 2kg in weight and 30cm in length. All cats must not be experiencing any medical issue like vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing, seizures, etc within the last 20 days.


If your cat is presently on any medication or is allergic to any medication, please provide the information here:

The cat(s) must be fasted from the night before from 12am the night before the surgery. This means you cannot give the cat(s) food or water from 12am. Please confirm that you will be able to do so.

The cats must be sent to the vet in hard case carriers and there can only be 1 cat in 1 carrier. Do you need hard-case carriers for the cat(s)?
Yes, I need hard-case carriers for the cat(s)No

The cats must be sent to the vet in the morning, usually around 9.30am to 10.30am on weekdays, depending on the vet. If you do not have transport, we will link you to a transporter. You will need to pay for the two-way transport service (approximately $60). Do you need a transporter?
Yes, I need a transporterNo, I can transport on my own

Terms & Conditions

  1. Acknowledgement of Risks
    • I understand that every clinical or surgical procedure has the inherent risks of complications or adverse events and accept all such risks in relation to the surgical sterilisation and related procedures on my cat(s).
    • General Anaesthesia Risk - I acknowledge that general anaesthesia carries inherent risks including but not limited to: Allergic or adverse reactions, respiratory and/or cardiac complications, post-anaesthetic nausea and vomiting, long-term cognitive impairment, as well as the rare possibility of death.
    • Surgery Risk - I acknowledge that surgical sterilisation carries inherent risks including but not limited to: Haemorrhage, inflammation, pain, prolonged recovery, infection, wound dehiscence, brain, vision, neurologic or urinary complications, as well as the rare possibility of death.
    • Multi-animal environment – I acknowledge that there are certain inherent risks involved in sending my cat(s) to a multi-animal environment, including the potential for injury, illness, or parasites to arise from my own cat(s), other cats, or during their stay at the facility.
    • Do not resuscitate order - I acknowledge that if my cat experiences cardiac or respiratory arrest while in the facility, resuscitation measures will be initiated. If immediate contact with me is not possible, the veterinarian will use their discretion to determine whether resuscitative efforts should be continued

  2. Sterilisation Process:
    • I acknowledge that as part of the sterilisation process, my cat(s) will be microchipped (if not already microchipped) and ear tipped to signify its sterilised status.
    • I acknowledge that if my cat(s) is/are found to be pregnant, regardless of the stage of pregnancy, the pregnancy will be terminated, and foetuses will be humanely euthanised in accordance with established veterinary protocols.

  3. After-Care
    • I acknowledge that my cat(s) may require an e-collar of an appropriate size to prevent any disruption of the incision/surgical site until it has fully healed. I am liable for any injuries that may occur if the e-collar is not used as recommended or if my cat(s) interferes with the healing process due to non-compliance.
    • I acknowledge that home care administered by myself, or a designated caretaker is required to ensure the continued well-being and recovery of my cat(s). I understand that alteration of any post-operative care instructions may possibly result in an unfavourable or detrimental side effect with medical complications.

  4. No Liability - I will not hold Cat Welfare Society, the designated Veterinarian, their employees and affiliates responsible or liable in any way for, and agree that no action shall arise from, any loss (including, without limitation, the ill-health or death of my cat(s) as a result of any complication that may arise during the surgical sterilisation and related procedures) caused by or sustained in connection with the said procedure(s).

  5. Personal data – I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal data provided in the form for the purpose of my participation in the Pet Cat Sterilisation Programme. In the event that my personal information or further confirmations, indemnities, warranties, etc are required by the Veterinarian, I consent to CWS providing the same on my behalf.

Additional Remarks:

There is a limited number of sterilisation slots that we are able to support per month. An allocation is not guaranteed for every submission we receive.

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