Relocation is Abandonment!

Recently, a Town Council officer from a Town Council we were generally working closely with has been pressuring volunteers to relocate cats while not providing full information that will help resolve the case.

She had also boasted that it was easy to trap and release cats to other areas.

We have seen so many good things come out of working together on a humane solution. But it is worrying that just one officer can still cause unnecessary suffering.

Relocation leads to dire consequences. Relocation amounts to abandonment.

Also there is the simple matter of respect for residents who care for the cats. They should be given a chance to respond until proven irresponsible. There is also the matter of respect for feeders that they are not unceremoniously dumped new cats to feed without a say in the matter.

A gracious, harmonious, humane society takes us all to look at an issue from more than one angle. It takes us to treat all residents equally – those that care for cats as well as those who dislike them.

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