The Mews (August – September 2012)

August-September 2012
Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow at Causeway Point
Bakeoff 2012
“Better With A Cat” Adoption Drive
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Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow at Causeway Point

From left to right: Porkie, Barry and Ted)
The second in a series of four responsible pet ownership roadshows was held at Causeway Point over 11 and 12 August. There were booths for the various animal welfare groups and three of us – HRSS, SPCA and CWS brought animals for adoption. There were some 25-30 cats up for adoption over the two days and some have already found a home! One of the cats up for adoption was Ted, a one eyed cat with the sweetest disposition (and who is still looking for a home). Another notable feline was Porkie the black kitten, named for his amazing ability to eat and fall asleep. Porkie was adopted by a loving family that checked his face and belly to make sure they were really getting the correct bundle of madness and joy.

In line with the aim to educate the masses, there were several stage activities centred around responsible pet ownership. CWS took a two-pronged approach by giving a talk catering to adults on how to ensure pet cats have nutritious diets, foods to avoid at all costs, commonly found items that are poisonous to cats, the importance of keeping cats indoors and preventing accidents by meshing the house completely, and ensuring cats had sufficient entertainment. For the children, we conducted games to teach them about pet abandonment, the importance of sterilisation and even hoarding.

The need for education was palpable in some cases, when we had people come up to us saying they wanted to adopt a cat but would not even take the time to fill in an adoption questionnaire. One particularly troubling instance was a family who wanted to adopt a kitten, but whose 5 year old cat had fallen to its death because they had not meshed their windows. Despite repeated attempts by fosters and volunteers to explain why they needed to mesh before they adopted, they vehemently refused.

Thankfully most of the people we spoke to were receptive and we have even received queries on where to buy mesh and how to best prepare the house before adopting. The roadshows, while gruelling, are an excellent way to reach the masses and drive home the importance of responsible pet ownership.

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Bakeoff 2012

From left to right: Bakers galore! One of our bakers feeding a kitten & the whole group! Photo credit – Attilio Rapisarda
What happens when good hearts are convicted and hobby bakers are just so in love with cats? A charity Bakeoff blossoms! Brainchild of a primary school art instructor, Ly Yeow, the idea of baking for good came about two years ago over Skype with her mates in Sydney Australia. The Bakeoff for Cat Welfare Society’s Spay Day at Flea and Trees was on a sultry Sunday morning, 29th July 2012, with the aim of raising funds for the upcoming Spay Day in October.

20 dedicated bakers showed off their prowess at whipping up sweet treats, bearing the entire cost of their ingredients and taking home nothing but the joy of having raised funds for the Cat Welfare Society’s Spay Day coming up in October.

When you give from the heart, there’s no stopping the returns reaped in and sure enough, the Bakeoff came to a rousing close with a whooping $4535 raised and about 100 stray cats to be rescued and spayed.

So, missed out on all the cake at the Bakeoff? Yes, you should be sad. It was endless eating for a good cause, worthy of the tagline – We miaos, eat cakes and be jolly!

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“Better With A Cat” Adoption Drive

Note the new timing of the adoption drives!! They will start at 1pm and run till 6pm. Join us in October at VivoCity. There are so many animals looking for a loving family and life off the streets so if you are thinking of getting a pet, or know someone who is, please visit the adoption drives.
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Here’s a quick look at a few tips, measures and complementary methods in caring for cats.

Note that none of the information below is a substitute for qualified veterinary care, and you should always clear the planned methodology with your regular vet before embarking on it.

Using a drop almond oil to clean out any debris in the cat’s ears is a useful tip – the oil helps loosen the debris and massaging the ear a little and removing the dirt with a cottonball will help keep the ears clean. This is extra-useful in helping clear out ear mites should an infestation occur. Ear mites will likely require additional medication to prevent re-infection so consult your vet as well. It has been said that adding about ? teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to cats’ daily meals should also help with fur balls by lubricating their passage ways.

Left to right: Clean ears! Pheromones have been used to help stressed animals calm down.
The use of pheromones to create an atmosphere that calms cats is also increasingly commonplace – pheromones are chemical signals released by animals and other animals identify the “message” in these chemicals. One such pheromone is that released by animals “marking” their territory and products like Feliway are used to mimic that marking smell so animals feel more comfortable in new surroundings.

Bach Flower Remedies
By Deki Soh, Bach Foundation registered Practitioner

Today’s pet owners are looking for the best options in everything from food to health care for their animal companions. Over the years, healing through holistic, complementary methods for the animal’s overall well-being has become increasingly popular. Bach Flower Remedies are one such methodology. Since its establishment in 1936 by Dr Edward Bach, it aims to balance the emotions by encouraging positive qualities in humans and animals – for instance, Cherry Plum improves self-control while Larch boosts confidence.

All 38 remedies are made from plants and/or water, then preserved in alcohol, though alcohol-free remedies have been developed of late. One of the most popular remedies is the Rescue Remedy used to deal with immediate stress. Other remedies commonly used are Walnut for adjustment, Beech and Chicory for allowing more possessive or dominant cats to relax with new cats.

Choosing the right remedies for cats involves observing the way they live, interact, and understand what is happening from the cat’s point of view. Once you know how you feel about your cats, simply match them with the appropriate remedies.

The remedy may be administered by you by making a treatment bottle – add 2 drops of each individual stock remedy, up to 7 remedies at one time to a 30ml bottle of spring water. Feed 4 drops of the mixture at least 4 times a day orally or by adding the liquid to their food. Pre-blended bottles may be easier to use, but may not deal with the deeper issues. Spending time and learning to identify the remedies to make your own blend is definitely the way to understand your pet better. (More information on Bach Flower Remedies available at:

Note that none of the information provided above is a substitute for medical advice from a qualified vet, so please consult your vet first.

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upcoming events

Better with a cat Adoption Drive
7 October | 1-6pm | Pet Safari @ vivo city
Our adoption drives continue on the first Sunday of each month. Join us in October at VivoCity. There are so many animals looking for a loving family and life off the streets so if you are thinking of getting a pet, or know someone who is, please visit the adoption drives.
Cats of the World
15 & 22 September | 11am-6pm | Arts House
It’s back!! CWS will be back at the Cats of the World event this year along with retailers selling cat related items to raise funds for CWS. Swing by on either day or both, pick up stuff for your cats or yourself, and generally just kick back and relax. See you there!
SMU Animal Day
15 September | 10am – 2pm | SMU Campus Green
We’re double booked for the 15th! We’ll be at SMU’s Campus Green from 10am on the 15th. It’s an open space so bring your pets on leashes or harnesses!
SPCA Animal Day
30 September | 10.30am – 6pm | East Coast Park Area D1
Animal Day is back in full force on 30 September, so bring your pets, a lot of water and prepare to have oodles of fun. Parking should be available at Area D1 or nearby.
Animal Day@313 by Thunder Rock School
6 & 7 October | 8am – 9pm | 313@Somerset
Drumroll…and yes, it’s back! Following the success of last year’s event, this year Thunder Rock is hosting World Animal Day at 313@Somerset on 6th and 7th October from 8am till 9pm. The theme this year is “Building a sustainable environment for animals to live harmoniously with people in our garden city”.
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fun stuff

From the day we came across this site we’ve not quite been the same: cats + music = mind blown. It also reminds us of our lovely friends at Thunder Rock and their resident cats.
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special appeals

Please help the caregivers with their special appeals!
Xiao Mei was a community cat from Ang Mo Kio found sitting in a rainstorm, soaked to the bone and unable to move. He was rushed to the vet and diagnosed with advanced stage kidney failure, pancreas disease, stomach inflammation and FIV. He also had mouth ulcers and was hypothermic. He did not react to any treatment and passed away that evening. Please help his caregiver defray the costs. More information on how you can help:
Droolie was found in Toa Payoh at a staircase landing with a bald patch on her side and looking sickly. The caregiver tried to coax her into eating but without success. When sent to the vet, Droolie was diagnosed with heart and kidney failure with her days numbered. She passed away some time later. Please help her caregiver defray the costs. More information on how you can help:
Cece is an abandoned cat who was sterilised and released back into the estate. In May he was found with a swollen face and bloodshot right eye and rushed to the vet. He was found to have a slight cleft palate, a small broken bone beneath his eye and minor dislocation to his jaw. The cause remains unknown. He had to be hospitalised for 9 days. He still has to be observed as any nasal constriction or infection may set in quite quickly and an operation of the jaw may be necessary. Please help his caregivers defray the costs. More information on how you can help:
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Animal Communication with Your Pets
A workshop with Oribel Divine

Ever wondered what your pets are thinking and feeling? Wonder no more! Learn how to connect with your pets in a 2-way dialogue. Engage in meaningful conversations with your pets to deepen your relationship.

15 & 16 September 2012 | 12-6pm | The Jelutung CC @ Canberra
Special Workshop fee: $350 (regularly priced at $420) Save $70

Workshop details at:
For enquiries, please contact

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