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Age 3 year(s) 6 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Pedigree/Cross
Primary Color Others
Current Fosterer Jeanette
Contact Number 96960535

OhHello! My name is Benny! I know once you see how cute I am, you will be keen to give me a home. My breed should not be the reason why you want to adopt me. More importantly, you will have to convince the hooman on why you are the most suitable adopter for me. I am a rescued cat and I deserve nothing less than the best home.

But but, I need to share some important info about myself first, in particular, my health. I am a healthy, 7kg, active (not hyperactive) cat with no health issues, but with the exception of my left ear. I am currently being treated for the 2nd time for ear infection. There may also be a possibility that the ear infection is a recurrent issue, and I may need constant care and treatment. I don’t quite like the daily ear cleaning but if you are gentle, I will cooperate. Oh yes, my head tilts to a certain extent which is only obvious when I walk. Else I look normal like other cats. The vet said my headtilt is probably due to the prolonged ear infection that was only treated after I was rescued. But my tilt is slightly better now.

Also, when I was rescued, the vet detected a mild heart murmur which did not require any medical treatment except close monitoring. Thank my lucky stars, my recent checkup revealed that my heart murmur seems to have disappeared!

Okay, now more about my personality and my habits – I eat kibbles and wet food. I hate raw food so please do not try to transit me into eating raw. I like to play with other cats but my foster mommy says I play too rough. So a rough playful playmate may be good for me too! Else, I am fine to be the single, pampered cat at home, with lots of nice toys and teasers. I am a big, tall cat so you would need to get a super high and large litter box to prevent any ‘accidents’.

Name: Benny
Gender: Male
Age: 3-4 years old
Breed: Bengal Cross
Sterilised (with a tipped ear)
On monthly revolution
FIV and FeLV negative

Please read and understand the post in its entirety and WA me only if you are committed to giving him a loving home. CWS adoption guidelines will apply which include the following:

* Cat-proofed home. Meshing of all windows, gate and balcony or cat-safe grilles not wider than 2-inches.

* To be kept strictly indoors at all times. No caging.

* Good quality wet and dry food.

* To be taken to the vet when necessary especially for his recurrent ear infection.

* A mandatory house assessment pre-adoption and regular updates post-adoption is required.

* An adoption contract is to be signed and an adoption fee of $150 to help defray his medical costs.

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