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Age 2 year(s) 3 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Pedigree/Cross
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer maofang
Contact Number 87835281

Kindly note that this post is on cola only. But cola and Nala r looking for a home together – adopt both together

2 cats household pls, she is Manja to humans but she is selective in scaring certain cats. Cola fur grow back b nicely and she is v fat now n she is v fluffy and cute now. I hope someone can adopt her w Nala the very shy girl. If not Nala got no chance to get a home.

Super shy girl, needs time to open up

Adoption criteria
(a) Do you have a safe and loving home for the cats? Please adopt.

* fully meshed home that I don’t have to worry 0.0000001% that u tell me they fell off the flat/ disappear from the house. I will cancel my work to help u find the cat but you are jeopardising my potential funds to feed the rest.

* will give them ample food and will give full medical care should they fell ill/ grow old. I hope this is reasonable that I expect the cat to live better w you than w me? You definitely would have more time than me for the cat. But food and medical must be mandatory too.

House visit, adoption contract and adoption fee apply

If you are really keen to adopt and have a safe and good home, please whatsapp 87835281. Strictly no phone calls. thanks a lot.

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