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Jojo the meower (FIV, single cat household) or FIV cat family

Age 10 year(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer Hopeandmeows

  • Name: Jojo
  • Breed: Domestic Short hair
  • Gender: Female
  • Colour: Tabby
  • Age: About 10years old


  • Personality:
  • Jojo loves meowing for attention (&food).
  • You can bring Jojo on leash walks as she loves exploring.
  • Jojo will come to you when you call her name!
  • Jojo is SUPER sweet and an appreciative girl!


  • Background:
  • Jojo made it to the news as she was trapped in HDB rubbish chute back in 2019
  • Recently brought to vet as she lost alot of weight, diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and need lifetime medication, it is easy for her eat to medications as can mix with food.


  • Requirements:
  • Adopter/Fosterer must understand that she is positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus(FIV) and will require a single cat household or a family with FIV cats only, as virus can spread through bites
  • Adopter/Fosterer must be willing to bear cost for FUTURE vet trips for recheck, which includes monitoring of hyperthyroid levels and the anti-hyperthyroid medication (I will help raise for public funds if needed)
  • Adopter/Fosterer must be willing to keep in contact with current owner


  • Cat Welfare adoption guidelines apply.
  • Compulsory house screening will be done by Hope
  • Required to sign the adoption contract
  • Windows and gate mesh
  • Keep cats strictly indoors only
  • Please contact Hope at 82236597.
  • Once requirements are met, potential adopters will be redirected to the fosterer to arrange a timing to visit the Jojo:)

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