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Tree Cat

Age 9 year(s)
Looking for Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color White
Current Fosterer PetraTan
Contact Number 94664967

Please meet Tree Cat!!
Tree Cat is an old lady, living on the streets for the past 9 years or so.
She always sits near a tree, hence the name. But too old too climb up that tree haha…
Tree Cat hasn’t been eating well and ended up having a dental procedure. She recovered well but she shouldn’t go back to the streets for various reasons, one is she is old enough to retire from the streets and another one is that without her teeth, it should be monitored what she eats, especially she will have problems eating kibbles which many random feeders would give her, given they don’t know her condition.
Tree Cat is quite friendly, always open for a rub or two.
If you are looking for an older, chill cat, Tree Cat is your cat!
Please contact Petra at 9466 4967, if you are interested to give Tree Cat a tree, I mean  home of course!! Thank you for your kindness!!

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