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Maxie – Friendly & Gentle!

Age 1 year(s) 5 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color White
Current Fosterer emi
Contact Number 90095458

Maxie is a 1.5 year old who was rescued from an industrial area when she was a kitten.

She is a very sweet girl who loves spending time with humans and playing with her foster siblings.
She gets along well with other kittens and adapts very quickly to new situations. She will be quite passive and defensive when faced with a territorial/aggressive cat.
She would be suitable for 1st time owners or a family with children as she is very gentle. She is ok as a solo cat.

She is FeLV+ but currently asymptomatic. There has to be some additional care taken to ensure that her immune system is strong (supplements and stress prevention), but otherwise, she is in good health.

She has been vaccinated, sterilised and dewormed.

The following guidelines must be strictly followed:

  • She must be kept strictly indoors, meaning all your windows and gate must be secured with mesh.
  • Primary adopter should be financially stable, and every member of the household should be agreeable to the adoption.
  • She must be provided good quality food and regular vet care.
  • Adoption house visit, fees and contract apply

If you are interested, please fill in this adoption questionnaire.

Adoption procedure:

  1. Preliminary review via whatsapp/email
  2. Potential Adopters visit the fosters to meet the kittens (per Covid-19 regulations)
  3. If potential adopter is interested to adopt the kittens, they are to cat proof their house (meshing of windows/gates)
  4. Foster to do a house visit to ensure that the potential adopter’s house is cat proofed (per Covid-19 regulations)
  5. If everything is in place, potential adopters can make final preparations to welcome kittens (purchase food, litter, etc)
  6. Transfer of kittens would be made, adoption contract signed, and adoption fees paid
  7. Foster and adopters to keep in touch for any questions/issues that might arise.

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