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Nana the Calicococo

Age 10 year(s)
Looking for Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Calico/Tortie
Current Fosterer Hopeandmeows
Contact Number 82236597

Helping a kind hearted friend who helped adopting and rescuing cats.

Name: Nana
Breed: Domestic short hair
Colour: Calico
Age: About 10years

Nana the stray cat has been in the streets for many years.
She is a very sweet, demure calico. She love s to be pat on the head and enjoys chin and cheek rubs. She allow belly rub once she have trust you. Nana is very independant and best in a single cat household.

A sad story often heard, she’s gotten sick and require long term medication and vet requires her to be indoors at all times due to her really low immune system.

1. Adopter/Fosterer must be willing to bear cost for vet trips.
2. Adopter/Fosterer must be willing to keep in contact with current owner
3.  No Adoption fees, just the medical bills that we are willing to help fundraise 🙁

Cat Welfare adoption guidelines apply.
– Compulsory house screening will be done by Hope
– Required to sign adoption contract
– Windows and gate mesh
– Keep cats strictly indoors only

Please contact Hope at 82236597. Once requirements are met, potential adopters will we redirected to the fosterer to arrange a timing to visit the nana 🙂

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