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Rescue Rangers – Chip and Dale

Age 5 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Ginger
Current Fosterer Thenuga
Contact Number 91070185

There should be a song playing in your mind if you’re around my age!

Anyway, Chip and Dale are brothers who were sent to a shelter when they were tiny. They have grown up with people all around and now at their foster’s place are growing into their personalities. Chip – long tail big brother is the braver, more affectionate of the two. He truly enjoys human company. He will lie down beside the foster when we sit down on the floor. He has no sense of other cats’ personal space and has been seen playing with the foster’s own cat’s tail and also attempting to suckle on him. He likes being carried around because he’s just a baby. Dale is the more reserved younger brother with the slightly browner face. A true emo kid, he has the face of painful sian but actually we think he wants to be sayang-ed and manja-ed as well. He takes the cue from Chip and is very playful, but does step aside to let Chip go for the manjas first. They have both been sterilised and vaccinated.

The following guidelines must be strictly followed:

1. The kitten must be kept strictly indoors, meaning all your windows and gate must be secured with mesh.

2. Primary adopter should be financially stable, and every member of the household should be agreeable to the adoption.

3. The kittens must be provided good quality food and regular vet care.

4. Adoption house visit, fees and contract apply. If you are interested, please fill in the adoption questionnaire and send it to over to 91070185 by whatsapp only.

Adoption procedure:

1. Preliminary review via whatsapp/email

2. Adopters visit the fosters to meet the kittens. If potential adopter is interested to adopt the kittens, they are to cat proof their house (meshing of windows/gates)

3. Foster to do a house visit to ensure that the potential adopter’s house is cat proofed If everything is in place, potential adopters can make final preparations to welcome kittens (purchase food, litter, etc)

4. Transfer of kittens would be made, adoption contract signed, and adoption fees paid. Foster and adopters to keep in touch for any questions/issues that might arise.

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