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Age 6 year(s) 4 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Ginger
Current Fosterer DustypurrsIG

  • Hello! 🐱 This is Simba, and I am helping to rehome him.

Simba is healthy, easy to care for, food motivated and affectionate to humans. However he does not take well to other cats so he is only suitable for a single cat household.

Please check out @Dustypurrs on Instagram for more photos and videos of Simba!

– 6+ years old Ginger Male, DSH
– Neutered
– Microchipped
– FIV and FeLV Negative
– Litter trained (using soya litter)
– Vaccinated annually
– Revolution applied. No fleas/ticks/mites
– Food motivated. Not fussy with food
– Affectionate, will want to cuddle together with humans at night. Adopter must allow him to sleep together in the bedroom
– Needy, loves to be near humans and skin to skin contact. Hence he can be a lapcat haha
– Easy grooming
– Suitable for single cat household only
– Not suitable for households with very young children

If you’re interested to adopt Simba and can meet the adoption criteria below, please complete the pre-adoption questionnaire here: 💕

1. Primary caregiver/adopter must be a working adult as having a cat is a lifetime commitment (15-20 years) with financial responsibilities.
2. You/Your family own the place of residence or have obtained prior approval from the landlord to keep a pet and to catproof the home if renting. If you are only renting a room in the house, we will not be able to accept your adoption application.
3. Meshing/Netting OR installing small grilles (1.5/2-inch gap) is a must for windows/gates to prevent the cat from escaping or falling from height.
4. Cat must be kept indoors only and not in a cage. If bringing the cat out for walks, to put on a harness and a leash on the cat.
5. Cat is to be given necessary vet care as needed (vaccinations, check-ups etc.).
6. Cat must be fed good quality cat food.
7. To allow a pre-adoption home visit and possibly post-adoption visits by fosterer/rescuer (by appointment only).

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