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Age 4 year(s) 8 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Pedigree/Cross
Primary Color Tabby
Current Fosterer A Tail Or Two
Contact Number 92953944

She was found looking all dejected and sick in a carrier which was left at the doorstep of a couple who luckily loved cats.

The couple brought Venus to the veterinary hospital after her abandonment where she stayed for about 2 weeks till she was given a clean bill of health. After discharging Venus, her finders are unable to adopt or foster her and this was when we stepped in.

We were all prepared to socialise Venus upon taking her in but realised she is still very trusting and affectionate to humans. Believe us…. she shows NO anxiety whatsoever even in the face of new humans. However, we do wish she is just as peace-loving towards her fellow furkids which she takes her own sweet time to warm up to.

Venus plays and eats well, she is also very adaptable and will be perfect for first-time cat adopters. She’s an absolute box cat and we suspect this is her way of seeking security and giving herself some me time. Do not be fooled by her unimpressed look, Venus is the most lovable furkid you can hope for. Contact us for visitation or to find out more. CWS adoption guidelines applies

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