What are the options available to secure my windows and gates? (Meshing)

There are many different options out there for securing your windows and gates to prevent your cat from escaping or falling out. You should always discuss with the rehomer on their expectations of meshing before proceeding.

  • Plastic mesh – Plastic mesh is the most common method as it is readily available in hardware stores and can be easily tied to existing window grills using cable ties. For larger orders of full-sized rolls, visit Lai Xin Feng & Sons Hardware at Jalan Besar or Kelantan Lane. They can also be purchased on e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Shopee and Carousell.

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  • Metal mesh – For more durable metal mesh, you can also visit Lai Xin Feng & Sons Hardware at Jalan Besar or Kelantan Lane with the measurements required. They have a wide range of both plastic and metal mesh. More information can be found at http://www.meshlxf.com/.For prefabricated mesh, you can visit Daiso or Wah Yew Shelving & Racks at 592 Serangoon Road. More information can be found at http://www.wahyewshelving.com/.

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  • Safety nets –  Some contractors provide services to set up customisable cat safety nets for balconies, outdoor spaces, windows and gates. The safety nets are sturdy, require no roof or ceiling, are non-permanent and can adapt to any space available.
    • http://www.thecatpeople.sg
    • https://www.mastermark.com.sg/services/animal-services
    • https://www.a8r.sg/services/

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  • Custom grills – Many cat owners have decided to go for custom grills instead. These are normal wrought iron and alumimium grills but customised with narrower gaps. The gaps can be customised to as narrow as 1.5″. One available solution is Qittun DIY Services.

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