Help us! Cat Welfare Society is facing its toughest challenge…

Cat Welfare Society is facing its toughest challenge yet. A lot of our work involves frontline intervention to prevent the unnecessary culling of our community cats.

Just 5 years ago, an abandoned kitten such as Moe at the void deck of a HDB flat would not stand much of a chance at survival. He would have been reported to the authorities and placed in line with 5000 other cats who are awaiting their cruel fate of being put down.

Over the years, CWS has built strong relationships with government authorities to ensure humane treatment for cats such as Moe. Our partnership allows us to intervene when reports of strays are submitted and we are grateful for the opportunity to assist. We thank the MPs and agencies who helped make this possible.

Long term sustainability of a nationwide humane case-handling programme however, has been a concern we have raised over the years.

CWS made IPC status in 2013 at the same time crucial government partnerships in humane management were sealed. Cats and all of us who care for them seemed to be on the way to a better future.

We were able to undertake more and larger sterilisation projects to clock the highest sterilisation rate in SG.

We undertook nationwide mediation to ensure cats are never without a safety net that guarantees them humane treatment.

We supported more and more volunteers and caregivers in their crucial work from mediation to rescue on the ground with resources for trapping, boarding and medical bills.

Our people do it, ambitiously handling a nationwide caseload, with the hope that this effort will eventually lead to a successful knowledge transfer to our partners in community engagement while a cat society rightfully puts more of its resources in helping people and their cats.

Discussions for a more balanced partnership are ongoing but before it can come to fruition, the realities of supporting a nationwide caseload have caught up to us.

This despite our mediators not being paid market rate and our CEO donates back her salary and does not earn a cent for her dedication to the Society. And volunteers and caregivers still shoulder much of the burden personally when they can.

Despite the sacrifices of our people and community, we are struggling financially. We have a sustainability of no more than 3 months at our current expenditure.

But the alternative is unthinkable. To cut back on the nationwide caseload when partners may not be ready could lead to impoundment rates which fell to below 1000 in SG history to rise again. Can we afford to go back to the way it was?

We need your help to stay the course towards our vision of a humane, informed and responsible society.  We need your support to bridge the gap while we fight for a more balanced system that eases the incredible burden of those who are on the frontline.

Our fundraiser launches in 10 days on 17 Sep. And your support now is vital.

(For those interested in the details of our finances, please write to

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